Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Benefits of Reciting Surah Yaseen.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Yaseen

The holy Quran consists of 114 Surah and 30 Juz or Para(parts). It contains the message from Allah SWT for humanity and was descended upon Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Therefore each Surah is of profound importance to Muslims and contains important messages from Allah to guide human beings on their way of life. Each Surah provides benefits and rewards to the reciters. Among the 114 Surah, Surah Yaseen is a one to name in particular, since it is declared as the heart of the Quran by our Prophet (SAW). He himself said that the heart of the Quran lies in Surah Yaseen and thus it should be in the heart of Muslims.

Keep reading to find out more about 12  reasons why you should recite Surah Yaseen frequently: 

  1. The heart of the Quran: 

Maqal bin Asar (RA) narrates that the Prophet (SAS) said, “Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. Whoever recites it for the sake of Allah and for the goodness in the Hereafter , he will be forgiven. Recite it upon your deceased ones. Our dear Prophet (SAW) has narrated : Surely everything has a heart and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen. I would like that it be in the heart of every believer of my Ummah.

  1. Reciting it once is akin to reciting the entire Quran ten times:

In the Hadith of Anas(RA) , it is recorded that whoever recites Surah Yaseen one time, it will be equivalent to reciting the entire Quran ten times.( Recorded by Tirmizi). Therefore, a true Muslim believer will be inspired more to memorize and recite Surah Yaseen to receive rewards beyond this worldly realm and human understanding.

  1. Our sins are forgiven : 

In the Hadith of Jundub (RA) , it is narrated that whoever recites it at night seeking refuge from Allah will be forgiven.The main strength of Surah Yaseen lies here. You recite it at night and the next morning you will wake up free from sins. Therefore, we advise you to recite this Surah each night with the aim of pleasing the Almighty Allah with utmost sincerity. 

  1. Death are made easy for the dying:

Abu Darda (RA) narrates that whoever recites Surah Yaseen close to a dying person will make his death an easy one. Surah Yaseen acts as a soothing set of verse for a person on his deathbed. Our prophet Muhammad SAW instructed us to recite Surah Yaseen for anyone who is about to draw his last breath. This is done to ease the departed soul’s afterlife journey as well as to offer consolation. This way, it guides us in various facets of life, protects us from Allah’s wrath and from the burning eternal flames of hell.

  1. Fulfillment of daily needs: 

Abdullah bin Zubair (RA) narrates that whoever recites Surah Yaseen for a specific purpose, it shall be fulfilled. Our day to day lives are full of different types of struggles and only the Almighty Allah has the power to ease them. We see many people giving up and failing on the journey of life. The world becomes an even worse place for them. If you are one of them or want refuge from your life troubles to Allah, simply recite Surah Yaseen at Fajr. Allah SWT will give you his full support. He will also take care of your daily needs. You will be very surprised to see how you have managed to handle difficult situations like that.

  1. Solving of different problems:

The tradition of Harith bin Abu Umama says that whoever recites Surah Yaseen , if he is in fear, he will gain peace and safety. If he is sick, he will be cured. If he is starved, Allah SWT himself will nourish him. Allah himself will take care and handle him .(Ad-Daa’l wad Dawaa). You can not deny the benefits of having a sound body and mind. A healthy life brings happiness. The key to our safety, peace and good health lies in the hand of our Almighty Allah. Surah Yaseen can assist us spiritually to overcome any health issues or in case of ailment of diseases. It can even protect us from unknown illnesses. 

  1. Offers protection :

Surah Yaseen is regarded as one of the strongest Surah in the Quran since it can protect us from adverse circumstances. It can assist in overcoming fears of anything except Allah SWT.  Surah Yaseen also wards off the effects of black magic.

  1. Makes death easier: 

If it is recited near a person in agony, Allah SWT will bless him with a peaceful death. The departing soul will have comfort and assistance in their final journey.

  1. Brings honor : 

Whoever recites Surah Yaseen daily will be blessed with honor and wealth by Allah SWT himself.

  1. Intercession : 

The reciter of Surah Yaseen is called Sharif by Almighty Allah, as this Surah intercedes for its reciter.

  1. Powerful verses: 

The recitation of Surah Yaseen is regarded as powerful since it can protect us from adversaries . If a prisoner recites it regularly, Allah SWT will grant him release.Whoever recites Surah Yaseen at the beginning of the day, every need and requirements of him for that day will be fulfilled. 

Final thoughts:

Surah Yaseen is one of the most esteemed Surah of the Holy Quran. As a muslim, if you want to get benefitted from the recitation of the Quran, make sure to include recitation of Surah Yaseen as a part of your daily routine, either in the start or end of the day, or both .May Allah help you through in your life. InshaAllah this Surah’s recitation will bring ease for you

JazakAllah Khairan.May Allah accept our supplications.

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