Learn More About Why is Music Haram in Islam.

Why is Music Haram in Islam

Whether or not listening to music is prohibited or not has been up for debate for a long time. Some people believe it is forbidden, while others think it is okay to listen to music if it is not done for any sinful purposes. In this article, we will go through the religious perspective on listening to music in Islamic context.

Why Exactly is Music Considered Haram in Islam?

Many Islamic scholars refer to music as the voice of the devil himself. According to them, just like water and oil can not mix together, the verses of Quran and music can not be together in the hearts of humans. Either the voice of Allah or that of the devil will stay within the heart. Music is have an intoxicating effect on the soul, more than wine or alcohol. Listening to music and eventually making it a habit can create a reluctance to the recitation of Quran , being disregardful towards beneficial advice or listening to Hadith of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). It can also influence men to become involved in corruption and obscenity .

Religious Perspective on Music in Islam

It has been mentioned in Quran : “ But there are, among men, those who purchase idle tales, without knowledge to mislead(men) from the path of Allah and throw ridicule: for there will be a humiliating penalty .[31:6]
Ibn Abbas (radhi Allahu anh) said idle tales in this verse “lahu al hadith” are evil and music.
Mujahid (rahimahu Allah) said idle tales in this verse “lahu al hadith” was the drum.
Hassan AlBasri said this verse was revealed about music and musical instruments

Ibn al Qayyim (rahimahu Allah) said, “The interpretation of the sahabah (companions) and Tabi’een (their followers) of idle tales in this verse “lahu al hadith” is sufficient in that it means music.
Ibn Umar (radhi Allahu anh) also said it means music.

How do Islamic Scholars Justify the Prohibition of Music?

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimullah) was a great Islamic scholar with deep knowledge about the religion. He said that listening to music and participating in sinful activities are ways of strengthening the satanic ways. He added that this is exactly what the disbelievers used to do. Allah said, And their prayer at the House (of Allah) was nothing but Muka ‘an and Tasdiyah. [8:35]. Tasdiyah is the clapping of hands, according to Ibn Abbas, ibn Umar, and others (RadiyAllahu’anhum), whereas Muka’an is the whistling. The Mushrikeen worship in this way. The Prophet (SallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his companions (RadiyAllahu ‘anhum) worshiped Allah through prayer and recitation of the Qur’an as He had commanded. There is no mention of the Prophet (SallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) or his companions (RadiyAllahu ‘anhum) ever gathering to hear songs or clapping/ drumming.
According to Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimullah), when a person who regularly listens to music hears the Qur’an, “his state of emotions becomes less passionate.” On the other hand, he gets really physical when listening to devil’s music. Once the prayer has been established, he will either pray while seated or as quickly as a coffee bean roaster gathers seeds. He doesn’t think the Qur’an is beautiful and doesn’t enjoy hearing it read aloud. The reading of the Qur’an brings him neither joy nor affection from him. Instead, he finds satisfaction in the music of Mukaa’ and Tasdiyah. To enjoy such things is to indulge in devilish delights, and he is one of the people Allah refers to in the verse, “And whosoever turns away from the remembrance of the Most Beneficent (Allah), We appoint for him Satan to be a companion for him. [43:36]

Are all Forms of Music Prohibited in Islam?

Some scholars claim that all sorts of music is prohibited, while others argue that it is acceptable if it does not promote or encourage any form of paganism, sensuality, immorality, or destruction. In the end, Allah, the Almighty, knows the best.

How to Quit the Habit of Listening to Music?

Make a sincere tawba (Repentance), ask Allah to help, strengthen, and make you steadfast.

Delete all songs from all your devices, replace them with Quran/Duaa/Islamic lectures (Islamic songs with background instrumental music are still haram)

Whenever you are about to listen to music, ask yourself “Allah is watching me, should I really anger my Creator by pleasing Shaytan?

Music aka ‘Mizmar Al-Shaytan’ (Instrument of Shaytan) leads astray from the remembrance of Allah, it attracts Shayatan (Devils) & Jinn, thus you become in a higher risk to the exposure of Jinn Possession, Evil-Eye & Black-Magic.

Many cases were witnessed of people when reminded of the Shahada during death, repeated song lyrics instead.

Always remind yourself with this Hadith: “Whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will substitute him with something better”.


In today’s world, many Muslims view music as permitted most likely because they either don’t understand the religion or want to ignore it. Iblees, the cursed one, is using music as one of many tools in his arsenal to corrupt the Muslim Ummaah, divert Muslims’ attention away from Allah, and ultimately drag everyone down to Hell with him. We beg Allah to count us among those who hear the speech and act on its finest advice. These are the people whom Allah has led, blessing them with sound judgment and the ability to understand the world around them.

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